THE TARGETING VIRUS [6 transmutations]


The targeting virus takes aim
Its wings outdread the sunset, spread.
All hearts feathered in, it may claim.
Only those in revolt may take wing.


The targeting virus aims
Its wings outdread the sunset, spread
All hearts feathered in its claims
Only those in revolt taking wing


The forgetting virus, a sentient manuscript
With pages spread open to the void
Capturing fancies in a terrible isolation
Only they who steer clear of are free from


The forging we've accomplished, the word
Whose story spans the limits
Captaining wonder on the highest seas
Is denied they who remain rooted to land


Foraging in the weeds for acorns
uncovered a sword
Whose stolen length spanned
a limb for which it was taken;
Costing an arm to the one
to whom it was handed down,
While denying triumph to
the keepers of both hands.


With age comes wisdom
Yet not without a price
And they who refuse to pay
Have no way of growing wise

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