It does not depend or matter one whit where you start measuring all of it whether it be from the macro and finishing in the micro scopic world or the other way around we dwell among for starters a world that is legion and even though we are  just one together that should not render us afraid but remind us if we are to set out for the rising sun we must do so on our own and play by the rules we believe in because the faith in our fathers must be replaced with the faith in ourselves if we are to face their darkest fears which they all escaped with cigarettes and beer and which need I remind you will eclipse the worst nightmares we could imagine ourselves or have you forgotten we are the post cold war babies that had a close shave with rabies in the sixties it was part of an experiment conducted  by the government to get its subjects to worship water which honestly backfired they still whisper to this day on rare winds which quickly pass away that all fears are soluble in the roots of the father tree whatever that means but you must see the point I am making if my writing you are seriously taking and if you don't believe in wolves and men or in the full moon and tides then I may have to ask what you do believe in because it's all in motion and such a blur I think I understand your point well sir just don't forget that in the legend the pure of heart are given credit in the moonlight of their darkest hour for having summoned up the courage to withstand attacks from the fiercest demons and we know we haven't seen the worst yet just because our Dads are dead and we their children left behind know deep inside we're already members of that DPC we just haven't had our tickets punched yet and that is why from here on out every last day is a brave new world unfurled beneath our feet as if we actually created it ourselves while taking the baby out for a stroll alongside the street before the sun sinks too low and that is precisely what we've done and will continue to do so for a long time to come. 

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