Losing faith in God or replacing Him
with science as in atheism (just a lower
case theism, of course) seems symptomatic 
of not wanting to hear someone's individual
story.  It seems indicative of not wishing to 
listen to that particular description of the 
inexplicable.  It's a matter of not being open 
to other interpretations.  In order to listen 
one must have faith because the language
heard is always alien, even if spoken in 
the same tongue; the ideas behind the 
message strange, or never encountered 
before.  If you can believe in others,
only then may you believe in Him.
If you can only believe in yourself, 
ironically even the simple idea of
God becomes much more challenging. 



Given a choice directly ahead of you 
on your pathway toward a binary split
at the fork in the road so to speak
would you turn left to buy yourself more
time in this existence for the cost of
being eaten by an anaconda eventually
or would you turn right where you would
perish painlessly much sooner?  Or
can you accept the spirit of the question
and answer 'left' or 'right' without
rebuking it by providing another reply? 
Your answer reveals a lot about your
capacity to listen.  Those who shout into
the well of tears hear something familiar
echo back up at them, while those who listen
greet something familiar by making a friend. 
Somehow this message got lost on
a lot of us.  Please don't make God 
into an echo chamber where you transform 
loneliness into companionship.  Instead,
reach out to what others are trying to say
and humble yourself before them.  You will
see what I mean when given a choice ahead
of you on your path toward a split of your 
tongue.  The next time someone has
something to say to you will you turn your
left cheek away from them to lend them
your right ear?  Or will you turn right away
and say something about having left
them behind?  Think hard before you 
answer and don't just sit there; say something.