Humans dwell encapsulated
within cellular insulations.
Cilia measure vibrations inside
vessels which circulate blood
throughout central nervous systems.

Optic fibers translate data
reflected through eyes into
brains which process these signals into
relatively three-dimensional images.

This occurs on a planet revolving
about a sun hosting this activity
en masse by a process which involves
the necessary transorbital positioning of
repeatedly placing these beings in between
their planet's and its star's geomagnetic cores.

When they are in between these
magnets (a position labelled "day")
there manifests a sufficient amount
of energy by which they may achieve
their daily tasks toward survival
and the continuation of their race.

While outside these magnets
(the intermediary position known as
"night") the majority manage
to rest and recharge their batteries.

If information overload has ever occurred
in the history of this sentient species,
it may best be personified by what occurs
online all over their world wide web today:

The disparity of data and how it
relates directly and indirectly to
humanity eventually collects
into extreme disproportion.

These incoming waves of daily
tidings serve as fast-moving
ticker-tapes of windows
through which individuals
may glimpse single frames
of their living skin.

Scales of the ourobouros
they are each in the process
of weaving together on their
planet looming in outer space.

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